ICL Academy’s academic program inspires through student engagement; educates through mastery learning; impacts through real-world application in school and beyond.

ICL Academic Philosophy

Student Engagement – How We Inspire

  • Tailored to passions/interests
  • Student choice to showcase mastery
  • Collaboration with peers and master teachers
  • 1:1 student-teacher opportunities 
  • Live Cambridge-style seminars

Mastery Learning – How We Educate

  • No busy work
  • College-style scheduling
  • Highest-order of Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Project-based assessments
  • Mindprint results – metacognition 

Real World Application – Our Impact

  • MindUp partnership for real-life skill building
  • Leadership awards and recognition
  • College guidance and acceptances

Online Learning 1.0 (Other Online Schools) vs. Online Learning 2.0 ( ICL Academy)

With our decades expertise in online learning 2.0 — a vast improvement from the isolated, robotic approach of online learning 1.0 — the ICL Academy experience is unique and timely, designed to engage students in the pursuits they’re most passionate about, with flexibility and understanding. 

Learn About ICL: Upcoming Open House || Wednesday August 4, 2021 7pm ET/4pm PT
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