Our Admissions process ensures placement in the best classes and areas of study to enable every student to pursue their passions.

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Upon connecting with ICL, students and parents will work with our Head of School and Admissions Office to design a custom academic schedule designed around the student’s extracurricular commitments. We want our students to have the flexibility, and support from their teachers, to pursue their passions while simultaneously receiving a high-quality education.

The following menu of options offers an array of information on student enrollment, placement, and admissions. 

Our mentor-based approach means we give each student personalized attention. We will:

  • Guide students through class registration
  • Schedule their official mentorship meeting to set academic goals
  • Conduct diagnostic testing to determine areas of academic strengths and challenges
  • Provide one-on-one academic support
  • Communicate with parents and partners as needed/requested
  • Facilitate academic coaching, teacher office hours, and more to establish and build their personal relationships with our educators


Course Length By Class Independent P.E. Full Time Student Mentoring
Semester $1,500 $550   $1000 (15 Sessions)
Full Year $2,200 $800 $13,200 $2000 (30 Sessions)

Financial Assistance:  Financial assistance is available to qualified families who may be facing financial difficulties. Speak with the Head of School for more information. *Scholarships may be available through The Institute for Civic Leadership*