College Counseling

Students join a supportive community that offers academic and college counseling, and gain access to a vibrant team of experts that prepare students for professional pursuits which extend beyond graduation.

ICL Academy x Danny Ruderman

America's Premiere College Counselor

The Authentic Admission Track

ICL Academy has partnered with America’s Premiere College Counselor, Danny Ruderman. With 18 years of experience, Danny had helped thousands of families find, apply and get into great colleges.

Danny Ruderman has partnered with ICL Academy to develop The Authentic Admission Track for all ICL Students and Scholars. In addition to world class college guidance, Danny and his team will provide students with with his best materials, constant updates, relevant information for every grade and live webinars. 

We believe working together to build character and well rounded individuals will ensure the success of each student in High School, College and help each student reach their potential.


Experienced College Counselors

Our experienced college counselors guide students through the entire application process. Our counselors have years of experience and have developed relationships with many college and university administrators. They spend meaningful time with each and every student to ensure their experience and academic abilities are presented to colleges in the most positive way possible.

Individualized Learning Goals

Our attentive and caring faculty schedule meetings throughout the year with students and families to build and modify their course schedule and academic needs. Our counseling department works to address personalized options based on students’ existing educational experiences, talents, skills, and passions. Factors to consider for establishing individualized learning goals can include academic course level, as well as curriculum specially approved for student-athletes by the NCAA.

Counseling Network Affiliations

Dedicated counseling network shares a close affiliation with the prestigious Dwight Family of Schools, whose team helps students submit their application and portfolios to the colleges of their choice. Our college assistance programs include Cialfo, a cutting-edge college guidance platform designed for students to seamlessly submit every piece of their college application electronically, as well as additional SAT and ACT preparation offered by master teachers.

Meet the Counseling Team

Danny Ruderman

College Admissions Counselor

Ashleigh Oberg-Porter

Education Dean and Director of STEM

Kirk Spahn

Founder and President

Meghan Marinos

Head of School
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