The Third Pillar of Impact Learning is Community

“At ICL Academy, you’re not just taking classes. You’re part of a school. Part of a community.”

Student life at ICL Academy is rich and fulfilling. Students form lifelong friendships with their peers that have similar passions, and, just as important, with high-achieving students focused on different specialities, too. All students are placed into Houses (think Harry Potter) for friendly competition and interaction. Students have daily interaction with their teachers, classmates, and staff through ongoing discussion boards, chat boxes, live seminars, group projects, teacher instructional office hours, and social media groups. Student-led clubs focus on students’ passions like tennis or performing arts or interests like TikTok content creation or Chess. Students meet up in person at tournaments, events, summers abroad, and ICL Summer Camp.

Extracurricular activities

Our students engage in a wide variety of extracurricular activities in addition to excelling in academics. At ICL Academy, we offer the scheduling flexibility for students to pursue their passions to the fullest. Here are just a small sample of the extracurricular activities in which students participate.


ICL Academy student athletes gain the ability to balance academics with competitive practice and game schedules. ICL Academy help athletes get more studying time by reducing scheduling conflicts between athletic and academic commitments, helping students to prioritize and devote more time to being the best they can be, both on-and-off their competitive season.

Performing arts

Many of our students are performing arts dancers, singers, and artists who are busy training, rehearsing for major performances or exhibitions. Our students are given the flexibility to trade to various locations for their recording shoots or live performances, while balancing a comfortable classwork load that meets their every need.

Academic Competitions

ICL Academy students participate in a variety of academic competitions. For example, civic-minded history and government students engage in mock trials. Academic competitions showcase ICL student’s intellectual prowess and accomplishments in math, science, or the humanities.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is highly encouraged at ICL Academy. In addition to their required service learning projects, many ICL Academy students collaborate on additional projects that engage and serve their communities at home and abroad.

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