Instructional Model

ICL Academy’s instructional model is designed to engage students in the pursuits they are most passionate about, with flexibility and understanding.


Foundation – Students build a foundational understanding of subjects, establishing proficiency given  different learning styles through the use of video, class notes, texts, and audio explanations of key concepts.

 Application – Students learn to apply skills and lessons, internalize concepts, and make them their own’ using critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

 Mastery – Students demonstrate mastery and proficiency by showing how key concepts can be woven together to build bridges that connect to bigger broader issues. Students extend tasks to “authentic” contexts and realistic scenarios, which in turn relate back to students’ own lives, or to help students to build a better understanding of the world.

ICL Academy Educators:

  • Make the courses relevant to students by consistently utilizing live, real-world applications and relevant examples, and tying coursework into students’ passions
  • Create innovative, self-paced courses that appeal to different learning styles by using the latest technologies, proven strategies, and compelling content to enhance the learning experience
  • Foster a sense of community through class discussions and projects
  • Begin with basic concepts before progressing to mastery, giving students a support system that allows them to advance when they master concepts and get one-on-one support when they’re stuck.
  • Teachers record videos designed specifically to reinforce the unit’s conceptual framework. 

Instructional Model Examples


Units include assessments and project-based learning opportunities designed to draw connections between the content and the student’s passion.

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