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Our Students

ICL Academy students are passionate about lifelong growth, education, and learning. Our students are dedicated to pursuits that extend beyond the classroom setting.

Who ICL Academy Students Are

ICL students are genuine, kind and intellectually curious. Our well-rounded ICL students bring with them their own unique life experiences, interests, and perspectives to pursue their passions wherever they may be.

ICL Academy Students Dare To Dream

Who ICL Academy students can be:

  • Innovators and explorers who strive to pursue their passion for learning and achieving pursuits both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Diligent and determined athletes, performers, and civic-minded learners who seek an empowering educational environment and flexible professional schedule.
  • Engaged and inspired youth who aspire to be challenged alongside a community of talented and passionate peers.
  • Determined and tenacious goal-seekers who possess the growth mindset needed to discover their own version of success.

Essential student facts

Master Teachers

ICL Academy’s master teachers are certified educators who care deeply about students and help students achieve their full academic potential.

Placement by Assessment

Through careful assessment of students’ academic talents, passions, readiness, and ability, and not solely by grade level or age, students are placed at every level.

Dedicated Student support

Our team of devoted guidance  counselors, academic advisors, and college consultants are a network dedicated to supporting students

Customized Curriculum

ICL Academy’s adaptable and customized curriculum allow students to further pursue their passions with academic plans that support students’ interests.

Spirited Community

Our lively community of students and staff make fostering community-building  events a critical opportunity and aspect of ICL Academy student life.

Diverse Student Body

Our students come from all across the U.S. and have access to countless opportunities and benefits being connected to a diverse online network.