Amanda Langan



Amanda Langan is a high school Spanish teacher in New York City. She’s from Verona, New Jersey, but went to college in upstate New York. This past year, she was a Fulbright Scholar in Patagonia, Argentina.

Amanda’s love of Spanish started in middle school, when she would look up lyrics to Spanish songs she heard on the radio; she was soon tutoring classmates. Despite demanding sports practices, Amanda never skimped on time spent with her Spanish books (and even managed to score 1,000 points on the basketball court in high school). She spent summers in Costa Rica and Argentina; and after high school graduation, did a gap year with Global Citizen Year teaching English in a rural village in Ecuador.

Amanda keeps her students engaged with relevant and authentic materials, including music, while ensuring they are fluent in grammar basics. “As our world gets smaller—and Daddy Yankee gets bigger— it’s becoming easier to see the importance of language learning and cultural fluency.”

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