Randall Klein

Assistant Head of School


Randall has more than a decade of experience in education as a special education teacher, learning specialist, assistant director, admissions director, and outreach coordinator.  She received her master’s in special education (grades 7-12) at Hunter College and an undergraduate degree in organizational studies from the University of Michigan.

Randall began her career teaching high school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and middle school at Wagner on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She found her passion in cultivating her students’ love for learning, and knew that in order to make an impact, it needed to start with the teachers. She began her leadership experience at Fusion Academy as the assistant director, helping teachers improve their pedagogy to meet the needs of multiple types of learners. 

In her free time, Randall loves to be with her family and friends. She can be found at the gym boxing or spinning, or running in the park. Randall doesn’t like to let too many people in on her comedic roots, but she used to perform stand-up comedy and still enjoys providing comedic relief to her friends, family, colleagues—and students, if need be!