What does a student’s academic experience look like at ICL Academy? At ICL Academy we make the online education experience rich, rewarding, and engaging. Below are just a few examples of how it works.

Common questions on student experience

The ICL Academy curriculum goes beyond the basics of fulfilling admissions standards at top colleges and universities around the world. Our curriculum prepares students to excel and to make a smooth transition to training, performing, working, and leading in demanding professional institutions and academic environments. Curated and created by our master teachers, our courses emulate the skills, methods, and techniques used by professionals in each subject. We encourage students to partake in intellectual curiosity and life-long learning both within and outside of the classroom. 

What do the classes taught by real teachers look like?

Teachers present a unit overview with a video orsummary notesrelating to the unit’s“big idea.”

What do courses look like?

Original source documents, digital content, or other materials are used throughout the unit.

How do teachers teach?

Teachers record videos designed specifically to reinforce the unit’s conceptual framework.

How do our students interact?

Students participate in virtual group discussions of the unit’srelevance to theirsport or activity.

How do our lesson plans enhance student's interests and passions?

Units include assessments and project-based learning opportunities designed to draw connections between the content and the student’s passion.

How are courses set up and can I learn at my own pace?

A typical course is separated into “units of mastery”, each student moves through each unit at their own pace.

Extracurricular activities

Our students engage in a wide variety of extracurricular activities in addition to excelling in academics. At ICL Academy, we offer the scheduling flexibility for students to pursue their passions to the fullest. Here are just a small sample of the extracurricular activities in which students participate.


ICL Academy student athletes gain the ability to balance academics with competitive practice and game schedules. ICL Academy help athletes get more studying time by reducing scheduling conflicts between athletic and academic commitments, helping students to prioritize and devote more time to being the best they can be, both on-and-off their competitive season.

Performing arts

Many of our students are performing arts dancers, singers, and artists who are busy training, rehearsing for major performances or exhibitions. Our students are given the flexibility to trade to various locations for their recording shoots or live performances, while balancing a comfortable classwork load that meets their every need.

Academic Competitions

ICL Academy students are able to participate in academic competitions. For example, our civic-minded history and government students can choose to engage in mock trials. Mock trial, similar to moot court, is a highly structures activity performed by teams in collaboration. Students learn to present data in various forms resembling moot courts, such as opening statements, direct examinations, cross-examinations, and closing arguments. Academic competitions showcase student’s intellectual prowess and whether they may choose to engage in math, science, humanities, or multidisciplinary events, ICL Academy students stand out in their accomplishments.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is highly encouraged at ICL Academy, and man of our ICL volunteers in the leadership development program work to create initiatives that improve their community. Students develop a combination os knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make a difference in the larger social fabric of issue. ICL Academy students learn to participate and collaborate together by designing programs that engage others and help the people around them.

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