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ICL Academy is a better online school where courses are tailored to individual student passions.


  • Courses and Classes That Match Students’ Passions – ICL Academy classes can be customized to match student interests and passions that go beyond the classroom. 

  • Supportive Instructors with Renowned Expertise – Our caring faculty, at every course level, help students delve into learning with an understanding of the professional methods, skills, and intellectual needs of each subject, creating an altogether engaging experience where students excel, belong, and thrive.

  • Vibrant and Interactive Virtual Classrooms – Our pioneering pedagogy, based on Understanding by Design (UbD), harnesses the most optimal technology and web-based tools, allows for students to engage with and revisit preparatory course materials in order to deepen their own understanding of subjects, in anticipation for real-time discussions in which instructors and students can hear, see, and interact with each other.

  • Student Community and Time to  Connect With Peers – Our students are encouraged to meet virtually with their peers in classrooms and student organizations. All-school presentations by guest speakers are often offered as a supportive way for students from disparate regions to connect and transcend geographical distances. Students can participate in an array of meetups (pending quarantine), virtual assemblies,  educational experiences together. 

  • Flexibility that Models College and Professional Scheduling – Our students are doing incredible things –  studying ballet, training athletically, serving the community as social entrepreneurs, acting in films – just to name a few.  Our flexible enrollment options and scheduling system allow students to pursue their passions, both in the classroom and beyond. ICL Academy accommodates and equips students with the time management capabilities to pursue lifelong learning. 

  • Character-Building that goes beyond the Classroom – ICL Academy seeks to encourage and nurture future model citizens. With the esteemed Institute of Civic Leadership curriculum, students are challenged to think analytically and creatively, cultivate lasting relationships with peers and role models, and pursue their passions. ICL Academy’s supportive environment fosters character strengths such as independence, leadership, integrity, and lifelong pursuit of knowledge. 

  • Access to Top-Tier College Preparation – Our advisors engage with students to help them determine coursework, plan a program of study, and thoughtfully provide feedback in order to support students’ academic progress and success in preparation for the rigors of university.

  • Great Results, Awards and Accolades – Our students achieve exceptional results, achieve amazing awards, and receive astounding accolades. Here are some of the results, awards, and accolades our past students have received: Accomplishments


What Parents can Expect from ICL Academy

  • Best of Educational Technology – Enhanced virtual classes offering live teacher office hours, college-style scheduling, an organized digital log for easy progress checks, companion toolkits and resources for parents to help their students succeed, connect with other parents, and integrate with staff.

  • Expert Instructors and Supportive Staff – Our talented teachers are chosen for their expertise and for their passion in teaching students at an advanced level in our online environment. Our administrators, academic advisors, college counselors, and admissions officers support the academic and extracurricular needs of every ICL Academy student.

  • Outstanding College Guidance Program – ICL Academy, with its partner college guidance organizations, has helped students gain admittance, and excel at such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, USC, MIT, Tufts, and Dartmouth.


Discover a variety of award-winning projects among just a selection of our many talented, deserving, and prestigious students. Here are some of the results, awards and accolades our past students have received.