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ICL Academy’s online school course offerings are designed and taught by experts in digital education, and span a range of subjects to help students learn and explore their interests.

ICL Academy offers an array of honors and rigorous courses to choose from, providing students an opportunity to explore their interests and build a strong foundation of life-long skills.  Students have the option of courses ranging from 5th grade to Advanced Placement (AP).

Colorful Books


Each week, students will view instructional materials, complete a practice assessment to check for understanding, and apply the skills to an open-ended assignment.

During the weekly live seminar, students will receive teacher-led instruction and participate in a class discussion. If students can not attend the seminar, they have an opportunity to complete the discussion response asynchronously and view the seminar recording.

During the semester, students complete 15 lessons over 15 weeks. 


Leadership is a year-long course with curriculum from the ICL Foundation, crafted to ensure that our work is having maximum, measurable impact in our communities. With over a decade of experience in creating impactful training that is relevant and accessible to global youth, we continue to transform student enthusiasm into authentic action. Participants of our lectures, training sessions, programs, and academies all build skills, discuss environmental and social issues, and come to see themselves as agents of change, not waiting for the right time, but ready to take action today.

**Grade Level Suggestion: 9th-12th



Beginning Fall 2023, ICL Science classes will include Labster Simulations!

  • 300+ Simulations: Diversify your course with immersive virtual experiences for chemistry, biology, and physics.

  • Realistic Environment: Unlike many video game-like simulators, students will feel like they are stepping into the Lab.

  • Lab Manuals: Leverage trusted lab manuals will guide coursework and teach students to write lab reports.

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