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ICL Academy tailors its academics to focus on building character and developing leaders, while providing students with unparalleled mentorship and insight from ICL’s amazing network of Champions


Curriculum at ICL Academy is rooted in practical application, infused with technology, and built to prepare students for the rapidly evolving changes of the 21st century.  ICL Academy is accredited by WASC, while also being NCAA approved.  Courses are 100% online so that students' passions are not compromised by a traditional school schedule.


ICL course work is designed to fit around our students' training, travel, and competition schedules.  Each course has a dedicated instructor who hosts a weekly 1-hour seminar.  If a student needs to miss a seminar, the session is recorded so that students can review the content asynchronously.  During a standard semester, students will complete 15 lessons over 15 weeks, while taking part in ICL’s mastery-based approach to learning.

Full-time students have access to an array of resources, including but not limited to the following:

  • Scholarship and financial aid opportunities

  • Live student/parent orientation with keynote speakers such as Steve Nash and Novak Djokovic

  • Personalized college and NCAA preparation

  • Customized scheduling to fit the needs of each individual student

  • Live weekly seminars to solidify learning and encourage collaboration/discussion

  • Access to ICL’s leadership speaker series with world champions

  • Passion-based electives 

  • Access to a vast offering of AP and Honors courses

  • 1:1 student/teacher meetings on a weekly basis

  • In-person student and parent meet ups

  • Access to the world's best coaches and mentors

Scholarships Financial Aid

ICL Academy provides scholarships and financial aid for qualifying families. 


Thanks to support from the Institute for Civic Leadership, ICL Academy works with families to understand their needs to determine if scholarships or financial aid may be an option.  The goal for ICL Academy is to support as many students as possible, but scholarships and financial assistance are limited.  To give yourself the best opportunity to receive assistance, apply as soon as possible to determine your eligibility.  Our admissions team will contact you and provide support. 

There is a $60 fee associated with financial aid applications.   


* If you’re interested in single course or part-time pricing,

connect with an admissions representative to discuss options.   

Tais Moreno Mejia
ICL Class of 2023


Personalized Education Pathway

Families meet with ICL's NCAA expert to evaluate their academic background, understand their goals, and create a plan that supports their passion.  During these discussions, ICL’s NCAA expert and Director of College Counseling will outline the academic eligibility requirements that align with the goals of each individual student, whether the goal is to play professionally, or to prepare for college athletics.

Passion-based Academics

ICL Academy incorporates elements of each student’s passion into its curriculum so that students remain connected to their passion both inside and outside of the virtual classroom.  Elements such as mental preparation and focus, physical conditioning and training, tactical understanding of their passion, nutrition and recovery, and how to achieve their goals.

Apply today to join the #1 passion-based online school in the world.

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