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We believe it takes a champion to build a champion.


Every individual on our team has an elite-performance background.  Whether on court or on stage, in the laboratory or on the field, our administrators and teachers have spent a lifetime honing their skills and talents, and competing at the highest level.  Our team brings "hard and soft skills" to ICL, forged by a lifetime of dedication to craft, teamwork, and achievement. 


We are honored to pass on the legacy of excellence that was given to each of us, as we work together to Build Champions for Life.  

cyber school staff

Kirk Spahn

Founder & President

Kirk is a fourth-generation educator with more than two decades in the field. After graduating from Dartmouth College , he worked for learn more


Dayton Hansen

Chief Operating Officer

With nearly 20 years of education experience, Dayton has dedicated most of his professional life to... learn more

cyber school staff

Joseph Itaya

Head of Multimedia & Communication

Joseph Itaya is an award-winning film director, digital content creator, technology innovator... learn more

cyber school staff

Jamie Groff

Director of College Counseling, Dean of 12th grade

Jamie has been in the education field for 18 years, most recently... learn more 

cyber school staff

Lauren Durham

Director of Community Engagement

Lauren received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Maryland where she... learn more


Abigail McConnell

Senior Admissions Coordinator

Abigail received her Bachelors in Human Services Leadership... learn more


Dr. Anthea Lake

Head of School

ICL welcomes back former Head of School, Dr. Anthea Lake.  Dr. Lake has over 25 years... learn more

cyber school staff

Janine Bissic

Head of Admissions

Janine is a seasoned higher education admission expert and a dedicated student mentor! After... learn more

cyber school staff

Kelly Cavalieri

Director of Curriculum

Kelly Cavalieri received her Bachlors in Education from Illinois State University in 2016 and her... learn more


Avery McGlenn

Associate Head of School

Avery has committed nearly two decades to teaching, coaching, counseling, and leading in... learn more

cyber school staff

Claudia Pardo

Admissions Counselor/Enrollment Support Specialist

Claudia is a versatile education professional with over 12... learn more


Steven Mejia

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Mejia is the Chief Financial Officer at ICL Academy. Steven is a cross-functional business in... learn more


Alex Proctor

Director of Oversight & Partnerships

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field of education, Alex has established himself... learn more

cyber school staff

Erica Hix

Director of Student Services

Erica has spent the last 6 years teaching in the field of Science. She earned her Masters of Science... learn more

cyber school staff

Michelle Sabatino


As a committed individual who has worked in the online education space for over 20 years, Michelle... learn more 



ICL educators are experts in their fields, dedicated to engaging and inspiring our students. These dynamic educators are innovative, collaborative, and committed to our students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development.


Morgan Delapa

Science, Dean of 8th grade

Morgan is an educator with a deep passion for teaching and connecting with students. Her journey... learn more


Jen Bacquet

History, Dean of 9th grade

Jen Bacquet grew up in Los Angeles, California. After several years working in Finance and Technology... learn more

mike kimmel.webp

Mike Kimmel


Mike Kimmel is a NBPTS certified secondary teacher with a background in English and Social Studies... learn more


Divya George

English and Fine Arts

After an eventful year, Divya is super excited to continue her journey with the ICL Team... learn more 

Greg photo_edited.jpg

Greg Williamson

Math, Dean of 10th grade

Greg Williamson has been teaching math at the middle, high school, and college level for almost 30... learn more

Erica photo.jpeg

Erica Hix

Science, Lead Academic Dean, Dean of 5th, 6th & 7th grades

Erica has spent the last 6 years teaching in the field of Science... learn more 


Anna Markwalter


Anna has her master’s degree in English Education from the University of Georgia. She is certified... learn more


Jeremy Miller


Jeremy Miller is New York-based arts professional with expertise in theatrical history and producing... learn more

Andrea headshot_edited.jpg

Andrea Carlson


Andrea has been teaching science at the high school level for nine years and has taught classes ranging from... learn more


Kriszta Kemeny

Social Studies, Dean of 11th grade

Krisztina Kemeny is a proud mother of three children. She has been teaching Social Studies... learn more

Candela 3.jpeg

Candela Peralta


Candela is a translator and a Spanish teacher. She is passionate about languages because they... learn more

Mario Arana.jpeg

Mario Arana


Mario has taught Humanities and Spanish for 25 years in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa... learn more

Katie Dreslinski .jpeg

Katie Dreslinski

AP Math/Economics

Katie is an enthusiastic educator currently based in the Netherlands, with over 15 years... learn more

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