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How to Switch to an Online Private School

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Parents want the best education for their children, but that doesn't always mean going the traditional route. Attending brick-and-mortar schools may bring certain challenges, including excessive pressure, bullying, and a lack of inclusivity. In addition, students learn at a pace commensurate with their abilities. Traditional schools aren't always ready to respond to this by individualizing the learning process.


While homeschooling can be an alternative to traditional education, not all parents are ready to take on the responsibility of teaching their children. That's where online middle schools and online high schools come in. They provide a tailored learning experience within an interactive and flexible digital space.


You probably have many questions and concerns if you're thinking about transferring your child from traditional to online schooling. This in-depth guide explains how to switch to an online school and when you can do so. We will also discuss the benefits and considerations of an online school vs. in-person learning.


How to Switch to an Online School: A Step-by-Step Guide


Transferring your child from a traditional school to a private online middle school or online high school can be daunting. But with enough preparation, the process can be seamless for you and your child.


Here's how to switch to an online school:

Talk to Your Child About It

Take the time to talk to your child about online schooling before you get busy with the transfer process. Discuss the reason for the transfer and the benefits of an online school vs. in-person learning. Have an open conversation about your child’s needs and concerns and what the enrollment process entails. That way, both of you are on the same page and can prepare for the changes ahead.


It's also a great time to discuss the importance of time management. Explain why online learning requires self-discipline and help your child create a schedule that will set them up for success.

Research the Best Online School for Your Child

Not all online schools offer the same experience or quality of education. Whether you're looking for an online middle school or online high school, examine your options closely and see which one best suits your child's needs and goals. Involve your child in the research process to motivate them and hone their decision-making skills.


Learn about the online school's programs, courses, electives, and the amount of work students in your child's grade take on. Accreditation is another crucial factor to consider. Accredited online middle schools and online high schools meet rigorous standards regarding programs, learning environments, and policies. In addition, most colleges only recognize degrees from accredited online schools.

Check the Requirements and Gather the Necessary Documents

After researching and deciding on the best online middle school or online high school for your child, it's time to begin the transfer process. Contact the chosen school and ask about their enrollment requirements. Online schools usually ask for the student's birth certificate, assessments, transcript, and notice of withdrawal from the previous school. The requirements might be different for homeschooled students.


You must first unenroll your child from their current school before you can get certain documents, including the transcript. Gathering and organizing the necessary paperwork ahead will ensure a smooth transfer.

Un-Enroll Your Child From Their Current School

You must first withdraw your child from their current school before you can finish their enrollment in the new online school. While the process differs depending on the in-person school, unenrollment usually involves meeting with the guidance counselor to finalize the withdrawal. That's likely the case if your child is transferring to an online school in the middle of the year. The school's enrollment administrator can guide you through the process.

Start the Enrollment Process in the New Online School

While completing your child's withdrawal from their current school, you can start enrolling them in their new online middle school or online high school. Begin enrollment as early as possible to prevent delays in your child's education. If you're still waiting for pending documents, follow up regularly and track their progress. Your child might also have to take a test to assess their grade level and course eligibility.


How to Switch to an Online School in the Middle of the Year


Sometimes, parents have to abruptly withdraw their child from their current school for unexpected reasons. Fortunately, you can transfer them to an online school any time of the year, even in the middle of the semester. You don't have to wait anxiously for the next school year to begin enrollment. The process is less complicated than you think, whether you're transferring your child to an online middle school or online high school.


If you're wondering how to switch to an online school in the middle of the year, it's no different than doing so at the start of the school year. Research and weigh your options carefully, select the best online school for your child's needs, and gather the necessary documents. Withdraw from their current school and start the enrollment process in their new online school. Talk to the enrollment administrators of both schools to learn about their respective withdrawal and enrollment processes.


Your child will go through adjustments in online school vs. in-person learning. It helps when parents stay involved throughout the process, guiding their children and offering them the support and encouragement they need.


The Benefits and Considerations of Online School vs. In-Person Learning


Deciding between online school vs. in-person learning isn't an easy task. Parents must carefully weigh the benefits and considerations of each learning set-up to see which one best supports their child's learning abilities and needs. To help you out, here are the benefits and considerations for online learning:

Online Learning Benefits #1: Flexibility

Not everyone is an early bird. Online middle schools and online high schools offer students the flexibility to learn when they're most attentive and productive, whether in the morning or at night.

Online Learning Benefits #2: Time Savings and Cost Efficiency

Students who learn online don't have to commute to school, saving them time and money. They also don't have to pay for student housing or on-campus meals. This set-up is also good news for busy working parents who want to spend more time with their children. 

Online Learning Benefits #3: Accessible Learning

Most traditional schools have a one-size-fits-all approach. Online middle schools and online high schools let students go at their own pace, allowing for better comprehension.

Online Learning Consideration #1: More Distractions

While online learning is convenient, there may be more distractions at home. Students may require a specialized set-up at home to minimize distractions.

Online Learning Consideration #2: Less Hands-On Experience

Some disciplines require practical, hands-on experience for students to learn. If online learning isn't sufficient for the degree your child wants to pursue and the online school is not able to provide hands-on alternatives, in-person learning might be the better choice.

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Can You Switch From Online School to In-Person School?

Online schooling isn't for everyone. If your child needs an in-person learning experience, you can transfer them from their online middle school or online high school to an in-person public or private school. Contact the enrollment administrator and guidance counselor and submit the necessary enrollment documents. Keep in mind that your odds of success will be much higher if you are enrolled in an accredited online school. Switching from an online school that lacks accreditation may result in your credits getting rejected by the in-person school and require your child to retake classes or find alternative ways to get credit. 

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